James Rodriquez

I stumbled upon CrossFit while researching conditioning ideas for young athletes that I coached. For over 20 years, I instructed on the sport of Fastpitch from youth level to high school. The thought of CrossFit was a wonderful idea for my athletes. My bigger question was, “Is it applicable to normal everyday people?”

So in April of 2009 , I walked into CrossFit Waco and began my CrossFit journey. I met some wonderful people and a girl named “Fran”. That week was rough but this “normal” person made it through. Over the years, I have seen how CrossFit has helped to change many individual’s fitness and lives including mine.

Seeing all of the physical changes is a wonderful thing. However, that first week I learned that I was capable of doing more than my mind could fathom. Mental Fortitude may be, by far, the most significant change that CrossFit provides. The ability to push yourself past your “normal” is a skill best learned through practice. CrossFit practice. 


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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