The FitWaco program is a mix between our entry level to intermediate CrossFit and Endurance methodology.  FitWaco is the only program in Central Texas where athletes will have access to a combination of CrossFit Level 2 Coaches, Aerobic Capacity Coaches, Rowing Certified Coaches, as well as 15 Concept 2 Rowers and 15 Air Bikes to use as their arsenal.

Below you will find how the FitWaco program will benefit you depending on if you’re an Endurance focused or Fitness focused individual.


If your goals are more sport specific (run, bike, swim, and row), the FitWaco program might be the missing link in your programming.  Expect to see an increase in your aerobic capacity, without added miles on the road and laps in the pool.  Additional programming is available for those that want to get for a race, or even attempt their first one.


If your goals involve getting fit, losing weight, developing core strength, and increasing your range of motion, the FitWaco class will be your perfect match.  Unlike our traditional CrossFit program, the FitWaco class will not utilize heavier barbell movements similar to what would be seen in Power Lifting and Olympic Lifting.  Our main focus is to get people moving and healthy!