Step 1: Free Intro Session

Curious about our program?  Get set up with a Free Intro Session to experience the difference CrossFit Waco has to offer.

We offer a Free Intro Class every Saturday at 8:00am.  If you cannot make the Free Intro Class, please contact us to set up a Private Intro Session.

Before arriving to the gym:

    1. Sign up for class through our PushPress portal.
    2. Download the PushPress App (iOS only) to your mobile device for faster and easier class changes
    3. Using the app, select one of our Saturday Free Intro Classes to sign up or click below.

Step 2: Elements – 101

Entry into our CrossFit or FitWaco programs requires the completion of Elements – 101.  Your Elements – 101 class consist of a 1-on-1 session with a coach that is scheduled at a time that fits your schedule.  During your 101 class, we will bring you up to speed on how our programs are run, while at the same time go over goal setting, nutritional habits, and movement analysis and coaching.

To schedule your Elements – 101 class:

  1. Create a Member Profile through our PushPress portal.
  2. Email ([email protected]) or call (254.755.0228) to schedule your session.

Step 3: Pick Your Program


Upon completion of your Elements – 101 session, your coach will assist you in determining whether the FitWaco or CrossFit program is the best fit to achieve your goals.

Still have questions?

1. Shoot us an email at [email protected]
2. Give us a ring at 254.755.0228
3. Check out @crossfitwaco on Facebook!

Cost & Fees

Elements – 101




CrossFit + FitWaco


Student: CrossFit + FitWaco