Step 1: Free Intro Session

Curious about our program?  Get set up with a Free Intro Session to experience the difference CrossFit Waco has to offer.

We offer a Free Intro Class every Saturday at 8:00am.  If you cannot make the Free Intro Class, please contact us to set up a Private Intro Session.

Before arriving to the gym:

    1. Create a Member Profile through our MindBody portal.
    2. Download the MindBody Connect App (Apple/Google) to your mobile device for faster and easier class changes
    3. Using the app, select one of our Saturday Free Intro Classes to sign up.

Step 2: FitWaco

Entry into our FitWaco classes does not require On-Ramp.  During your time in our FitWaco classes, not only will you get an incredible workout, but you will also spend time working on the fundamental movements of CrossFit.

To sign up for FitWaco, please stop by the gym so that we have the opportunity to discuss the full details of the membership as well as answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: CrossFit On-Ramp

On-Ramp is only mandatory for athletes that wish to start with our CrossFit classes.  Initial entry into our FitWaco classes does not require On-Ramp.

On-Ramp is a 2-day course of 1-0n-1 coaching with one of our coaches.  Times and days are set around your schedule.

The primary focus of On-Ramp is to guide and educate athletes on the fundamental movements of CrossFit: squat, deadlift, and press as well as gymnastic and overall scaling options.

Cost: $85 

Sign Up For On-Ramp

Cost & Fees

12-Week Challenge






Teacher/First Responder



Same Household: 5% off
Paid In Full: 15% (must be at least 3 programs)