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From The Rx Review:

The 2014 OC Throwdown wrapped up over the weekend, but unfortunately one of the talking points of the event has been the serious injury suffered by Kevin Ogar.

Ogar suffered a significant spinal cord injury during a snatch event on the final day of competition. He was immediately taken to hospital where is currently being treated for.

According to his friends at Barbell for Boobs, Ogar suffered a separated T11/12 and has severed his spinal cord. At this stage it’s being reported he has no voluntary movement below his waist.

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A1. In 10 minutes, build to a heavy 3RM Bench Press for the day
B1. Drop 10% and perform 5 reps
C1. Drop 10% more and perform 8 reps


AMRAP 6 minutes
Climb the ladder of 3,6,9,12, etc.
Wall Balls (20/14)
Abmat Sit-ups
REST 3:00
AMRAP 6 minutes
Climb the ladder of 3,6,9,12, etc.
Push Press (95/65)
Toes to Bar

Same sequence as Rx’d
Wall Balls (14/12) (10ft./9ft.)
Push Press (75/55)
Hanging Knee Raises



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